3 Ways We Make Your Campaign Sound Cooler & Run Smoother

The deadline is in 48 hours, there are a hundred things on your to do list and you just realised you cannot clear the song you wanted to use. Sounds familiar? 
This is the situation Audiodraft customers face all the time. Despite most agree that music has become extremely relevant to almost every industry there is, there simply isn’t enough time or resources to focus on the soundtrack. That’s why it has been in the core of our platform to be the best tool to be used in stressful, close-to-deadline, we-don’t-have-music-that-fits sitauations.
Especially the knowledge on how to use music – or how to communicate about it – still seems to be quite uncommon even in the most established advertising agencies. That’s why finding solutions that make the process smoother and the end result cooler is what Audiodraft is focused on.
So here are three points how Audiodraft will make your life a little less stressful:
1. We have great music handcrafted for your needs.

The Content Team together with Audiodraft co-producers go through all the tracks that are submitted to the service, hand-picking only the best and most suitable for the project at hand. But as the first version of the chosen track usually  needs some little changes, The Content Team can also help you to communicate your most detailed needs to the composers. Because as much as we all love listening to music, “talking music” is a skill most of us simply don’t have – and that’s totally okay.

2. We will meet almost any deadline.

A close deadline isn’t an issue for a our global network of composers and music producers. As you submit your pitch in the evening just before heading back home from work, creative people in other time zones are waking up to start working on new tracks. Already the next day you can take a moment to enjoy the first submissions. After adding some comments with optional help from The Content Team, the final version of the track could be in your inbox even the same day.

3. No hassle with clearing the track.

You can also be sure there won’t be any problems with clearance as all the deals are perpetual, exclusive, and global.

So, with only the time of creating a request, listening to the pitches, and giving a round of comments, you will save up to days of work going through non-exclusive catalog music and negotiating the clearance rights.

The world of custom audio is waiting, what do you sound like?


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