Audiodraft, The Music Supervisor At Your Service

How nice would it be if every advertising agency and production company had their own music supervisors to choose the tracks, fix the contracts and tweak the image & sound to fit together? It surely is fun to dream, but in reality the project manager is the one to figure out it all. Like there wouldn’t be enough work on the manager’s desk already?
We at Audiodraft are the music supervisor at your service. We have the composers and take care of the legal side. We can even help you with the final tweaks by communicating with the composer-of-your-choice for you.
With Audiodraft all you need is an idea of what your campaign should sound like. Once you have set up your own account, you only need to take these 3 simple steps to get our community to work for you:
1) Add music you want your track to sound like.
Add reference songs and videos directly from YouTube by using the search box.

2) Describe how the music should make you feel.
Add tags for genres, artists and emotions to help us be as precise as possible. Should it be uplifting or longing? What about #epic #Bonjovi or #romantic #landscape #CelineDion? (Oh come on, how come a pan flute solo wouldn’t fit an urban disco tune?)

3) Write the actual brief.
Give any details you like. Of course, the more precise you are, the more precise our composers can be. And don’t worry, all our composers work under NDA, so your brief will be safe with us.

That’s it! Once you have these small steps handled, you are ready to go. Just focus on nailing down that to do list and get ready to listen some great tracks even the next day.
The meaning of music and sound used in media is increasing rapidly. Nowadays people consume music all the time. How can you stand out in the noise? Every production deserves custom-made, unique music and sound. So if you truly appreciate your work and your campaign, you also need to have the best, high quality sound you can.

The world of custom audio is waiting, what do you sound like?



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