Audiodraft Case Studies: JingleTV

JingleTV Amps Up Their Game With Audiodraft Blanket License
JingleTV is a creative music production company based in Turkey. The company composes and produces a wide array of music and sound designs for advertising, feature film, game and television industries. We had a Skype call with Batuhan Firat, the owner of the company.
Firat has worked almost a decade in the industry and founded JingleTV about six years ago. Now, as the company has been getting more popular, the growing number of customers means JingleTV needs more composers to keep up with all their projects. While trying to find the best creative people in the stock music markets, Firat discovered Audiodraft by accident.
Now, Firat considers Audiodraft informally as their in-house composer. Whenever JingleTV has a new project they open a challenge in Audiodraft to find the best, unique audio for every case. Firat has been keen to use the service as the results have been satisfying. Also, the Audiodraft staff has been quick to reply whenever there has been some minor difficulties. According to him, this personal and accountable service has been a great remark.
Overall, Firat notes that at JingleTV they are very happy about the subscription-based model. When comparing with other services such as music libraries, he firmly endorses Audiodraft. He says the difference between services is great: “In the stock music market a composer makes music and waits for a buyer. With Audiodraft you can easily customise your work which is extremely important. It makes a big difference.” What Firat means is that instead of being a platform for serving his company’s needs, Audiodraft is a platform where “we are working together to solve our needs”.
jingletv_quote1When talking about the central challenges in creating good audio for TV and film, Firat points out two things. Firstly, the need of simplicity. Sometimes creative professionals have an urge to make very complicated compositions and productions though the most important thing for audio is that it needs to tell something about the image it is used with. Simplicity doesn’t have to mean minimalism, but certain kind of emotional and compositional clarity. Secondly, sometimes there are certain difficulties when talking with a client about the preferred sound. With visuals it is easier to show and explain what you want or mean than with audio. That is why, Firat says, it is much nicer to communicate with the client now that JingleTV is using Audidoraft.
Firat has a clear point to make about the importance of audio for the visual world: “Visual work has no emotion, it might be just an image. If you need to make it a bit more sophisticated, make people cry, feel the humour, understand the emotion… that’s when you add certain kind of music or soundscape.” The necessity of great, custom sound is obvious for Firat.
Lastly, before finishing our call, we asked Firat for any final notes. He reminds us of the original JingleTV motto, adding a little twist: “We hold our notes higher – and that’s why we work with Audiodraft.” And aren’t we happy to be able to amp up Firat’s company’s game.
The world of custom audio is waiting, what do you sound like?


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