Brand x Artist – 4 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Music Partnerships

Brands use music to create an emotional connection. To reach a certain demographic of consumers, companies are creating experiences that include passion. As music is the best way to evoke emotion, brands are now discovering more possibilities to leverage this creative counterpart. Nowadays authenticity is one of the most important brand asset any company can have. That’s because especially young people are becoming less engaged by traditional marketing. So investing in music and supporting creative individuals is a way for brands to achieve the duality of being both considered authentic and gain big enough attention for the needed marketing proposals.

We listed 4 key values brands can gain from a music partnership:

1. Target audiences. Greater access to a specific demographic can be reached through artists’ and bands’ own networks. Through these personalised networks brands are given an opportunity to conduct tailored marketing research.

2. Brand authenticity. Now is the marketing era of authenticity. Working with up-and-coming artists or supporting established acts makes brands look credible and likeable – they are a part of helping new artists’ careers.

3. Brand awareness. Creative collaboration increases attachment to the product. Consumers become more aware of how a brand re-creates their cultural relevance through a partnership.

4. Brand recall. Creating a sonic piece gives the brand an identity and consistency. Also, it’s a great way to trigger brand recognition and increase its ability to remain relevant.

Successful brand and music collaboration campaigns have been around for quite a while now. Brands are hesitant to release any numbers behind their campaigns, but it seems that companies are starting to understand better and better the upside of sonic marketing and lasting musical collaborations.

To get a nice overview of the various ways brands have been using music and artists to enhance their brand awareness in the recent years, check out for example London Underground Busking Sponsorship with Carling, Converse Rubber Tracks Recording Studio, or Finlay Hogg’s review of different brand & artist collaborations.

Also, the variety of ways in which music and artists can enhance brand awareness shows that there is still a lot to learn about how to use the power of collaboration in the best way possible. Remember to subscribe to the Audiodraft Newsletter to stay up to date on the latest developments in the sonic branding, marketing and music industry.

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Source: Laura Montarroso Daher 2015. The Brand & The Band: Best Sonic Branding for Authentic Brands. Ebook version 1.0.

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