What are we hearing now? April 2018

Brands have their own voice in the current audio first world. These days, when a need for an audio identity is a reality, marketers have to consider its implementation and how the game of consumer trends is unfolding.

Interestingly, along with the latest advancements in technology, some classic mediums such as online radio and, specifically, podcasts have returned to the game stronger than ever, thanks to digital audio streaming. Take a look at the potential that audio has to offer to enhance your brand’s impact today.

Why podcasting is the next marketing frontier

Producing a podcast can gain some serious advantages for your business. With more and more people tuning in, brands are facing an unique opportunity to build credibility and thought leadership.

The quality of audio influences whether you believe what you hear

Scientific evidence highlighting the importance of audio quality has started to emerge. According to this study, good quality can enhance credibility and positive judgment of the delivered content, while bad quality can reduce them.

Ad tech streams into audio

Popular streaming services have got their eyes on smart speakers and the implementation of audio ad tech.

“Many marketers still put out the same generic 15- or 30-second audio ad. They treat digital audio like terrestrial radio, and that’s the biggest mistake you can make.”

Are we ready for the next big shift in content marketing?

As technology, businesses, strategies and consumer preferences evolve, content marketers have to adapt to the changes. Audio-based content is predicted to play a major role in the upcoming trend.

In pursuit of the perfect AI voice

AI, machine learning and virtual personal assistants (VPA) are becoming major strategic cornerstones in creating more profound customer experiences. How will the voices of Siri, Alexa and other assistant be made more “human” to make those experiences count?

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