What Are We Hearing Now? June 2018

Have you got your voice search marketing tactics lined up? Do you already know why audio will conquer social media? Yes, it’s time for yet another edition of ‘What Are We Hearing Now’, bringing you the latest news and insights from the world of audio branding.

It is becoming increasingly important for brands to pair the visual brand guidelines with audio ones, to create the desired emotional connections in environments where sound is the only touchpoint. The exciting thing is that those guidelines can be sometimes found in unexpected places, just take a look at the approach we took with Outotec.

Consider where the hidden audio gem could be found in your brand book while taking a look at these examples on the added value voice, sound and music can bring to your brand.

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Position Their Brand to Dominate Voice Search

The voice search and voice assistant ecosystem keeps reaching further into our lives and the way we interact with technology. The likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Home are freeing us from looking at our screens, which makes audio the most accessible format in a variety of listening environments and spaces. Brands without strategic voice search guidelines will have a hard time getting heard or recognized there. Thankfully, the game-changing leap is only three steps away.

Apple May Go All-In With Audio

The big players are embracing audio tighter than ever. Apple is expected to build their audio cred quite a bit over the next years by adding and upgrading audio both their hardware and software products. A fairly good indication of their affection for sound is the music’s role in their HomePod ad, a piece that went on to win multiple awards in Cannes Lions. If and when the biggest brands in the world immerses its products in sound, you can start betting your money that a fairly big number of people will follow. Having an audio identity in this particular apple tree might just be the way for your brand to get picked first, come the harvest time.

3 Reasons Why Audio Will Conquer Social Media

Along with biggest brands, the most popular social media platforms have also reacted to the surge of audio content by adding new voice and sound related features. In fact, audio possesses some unparalleled qualities in nurturing and strengthening the connection between brands and consumers in social media.

Integrating a podcast into your marketing strategy

It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore, that podcasts have broken into the mainstream. We are not talking about a one-hit wonder either as their massive growth is forecasted to continue, according to studies. Now, then, is the perfect time to get started. Or better yet, if you are already on the air, there are a number of clever ways to incorporate podcasts into other types of content to reinforce your brand’s stature as a thought leader, especially in B2B environment.

Video Marketing Continues To Explode As The Way To Reach Customers

In the modern age, video is undoubtedly the most efficient way to reach a large demographic. The amount of video content out there and the amount consumed for that matter-has reached breathtaking numbers, which means that you definitely don’t want to miss out this gravy train. Before setting off to a video marketing journey, take a look at the lessons learned from when video’s favorite fellow traveler, music, is invited along to the trip.

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