What are we hearing now? March 2018

Top Audio Branding and Audio Marketing articles, March 2018

2018 is the year brands start taking their sound seriously. Audio branding cannot be neglected anymore by marketers and the investment in it has been shown to be worth it. Voice assistant strategies and AI open new doors for audio marketing while the music industry is seeing new highs for the first time in a decade.

What are we hearing now?

It’s time for brands to capitalize on voice marketing opportunities on AI assistants

With the rapid adoption of the digital assistant’s technologies, brands need to capitalize on voice marketing. 2018 is a good year to get your audio strategy or voice strategy in place.

Creating Your Voice Assistant Strategy

If you want to create a voice-based app for your company, now is the time to start working on it. People are looking for ways to have a more personal experience with technology, one that feels custom-tailored to their unique needs. This is a good starting point when building a voice-based app.

Why marketers should not neglect audio branding

Companies spend billions developing the look and feel of their brand, but just as important and often overlooked is the audio branding.

According to Research by agency PHMG, the majority of consumers (60%) said they believe music used in marketing is more memorable than visuals. Nearly half (45%) believe the music used by a brand helps them better understand its personality, while 47% suggest it helps them feel more connected to a brand.

A Sound Designer’s Ear-Catching Ideas for the New York City Subway

Sounds that convey information, whether we need the information or not, are far less likely to grate on your nerves. “These could all be sounds that are easy to tune out if you don’t want to hear them but, if you need them, helpful. Even welcoming.” Joel Beckerman

YouTube plans to annoy music listeners into subscribing by playing more ads

Spotify has more or less been using the same business model to convert free users to its paid premium tiers for years, and it currently leads the streaming industry in overall subscribers. “There’s a lot more people in our funnel that we can frustrate and seduce to become subscribers,” says YouTube’s global head of music Lyor Cohen.

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