Audiodraft Sound Designer
Code of Conduct

We want to support your participation in the Audiodraft community. These 5 key points will help you navigate the platform. You can always refer to them if you're unsure about something. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action such as account suspension or termination.

1. Be civil

Please be respectful and polite when communicating with fellow Designers, Co-Producers, Audiodraft Team members and clients. Bad-mouthing and ranting doesn't help anyone (least of all yourself). Audiodraft is a global community of 20,000+ designers that brings together different people from 120+ countries. This diverse community consists of trained creative professional as well as less experienced newcomers – we're all here to grow and learn as artists and business professionals.
The strength of Audiodraft is each individual member. The strength of each member is Audiodraft.Together we are stronger.

2. Compete fairly

Create original work. Don't plagiarize anyone else's material or violate any copyrights. At Audiodraft we take great pride in offering our clients unique, custom made work.

3. Learn to take criticism

Feedback will help you grow as a designer. Please remember that there's always room for improvement. Even harsh critique is usually given for a reason. The better you learn to deal with it, the more effectively you will be able to develop your skills. Don't take negative feedback personally. Sometimes it pays off to take a step back and think about the feedback before reacting to it. Knowing your strengths and realizing your weaknesses is one of the most valuable skills a producer can develop.

4. Develop your craft

Audiodraft offers convenient tools for developing your skills as a designer. Participating in our Audiodraft Challenges is a great way of learning to compose music in different styles and for different briefs. Subscribing to the Audiodraft newsletter, and reading up on production techniques and business developments will help you stay on top of your game. Most importantly, keep active by producing music on a regular basis. This will extend your own back catalogue and keep your production skills up to date.

5. Know the business (and the platform)

Composing custom music can be a challenging endeavour. Audiodraft is a competitive platform, but so is the business. Deadlines are often tight, schedules can change, and customers' needs vary based on the product, the schedule and the budget. Patience and a professional attitude are vital.

Please also make yourself familiar with the Sound Designing Guidelines, Audiodraft Help and FAQ sections. There you'll find useful information about different opportunities and how to make the most out of your career with Audiodraft.

Have Fun Creating!