Sound Designing Guidelines

Our goal is to democratize audio production and give producers like you a voice. To achieve this we need to get to know each other. Before getting started read our guidelines and get see how we work, then fill out your profile so we can get to know you and your skills a little better.

Once we are on the same page we will grow our co-operation by working together on a number of fun challenges. Once we have established a working relationship, we will offer you new music production and sound designing opportunities which best match your skills and talents.

Let’s get started!

Build up your profile and Audiodraft Status

  • Fill in your profile on Audiodraft and you'll be all set to start leveling up your Audiodraft Status. You can find your current Audiodraft Status and follow your progress from the status bar on your 'My Studio' page.
  • To level up, participate in Audiodraft Challenges and apply to Open Studio contests available on your 'My Studio' page under the 'Productions' tab.
  • Once you win a Challenge you can start submitting your music to the Instant Tracks. Each Challenge win gives you 10 uploads.
  • Every challenge you win and every track you upload to the Instant Tracks library will boost your status further.

Let us know your Availability and Compensation preferences

    This way you will be more likely to get invited to matching productions on Audiodraft.

Receive invitations and make sure to reply and deliver accordingly

You can expect to start receiving invitations to matching productions once you have reached Junior Level Sound Designer status.

We do matchmaking based on the information provided by the tags on the tracks you have submitted to Audiodraft in challenges.

Your First invitation

You can see active invitations to productions on your 'My Studio' page under the 'Invitations' tab.

  • Please accept the invitation if you can commit to the production (i.e. if the design brief and compensation match with your preferences). Please deliver what is requested within the specified deadlines.
  • Please decline the invitation if you don't have enough time on your hands to do what is requested or if the production doesn't seem like a good fit for you.
  • Remember that you set the terms in the end, and you can always decline an invitation to a production if you aren't able to commit to it with no negative effects on your future prospects.

Be professional and have fun

We're all professionals. You, the Audiodraft team, the Co-Producers and the clients we work with. We all have a great appreciation for music and high ambitions for reaching the best results possible. Let's keep that in mind on Audiodraft.

  • You should be able to receive and handle critique from your peers, Co-Producers and contest holders. We criticise by creation, not by finding faults.
  • Once you have accepted an invitation to a production, you should not argue the schedule or the compensation. Any questions regarding compensation should be directed to the Audiodraft Team (contact[at]
  • If you need support on anything, you're always free to contact the Audiodraft Team or the Co-Producers through the internal discussion tools.
  • You should always follow the guidelines presented in this document, and the Sound Designer Code of Conduct.
  • Respect the client's privacy. Do not post their content, or the music they have purchased from you on other channels without the express prior permission from Audiodraft. If you are ever in doubt about your referance rights, it’s best to be safe than sorry in order to avoid personal legal complications.

Respect others

This should go without saying, but it is so important we feel it is worth mentioning again. We have a zero tolerance policy for offensive behavior on either public or private projects. Repeat offenders will have access to their account revoked pending a review of the situation.
Audiodraft wouldn't be possible without you (our designers) and our clients. We have great respect for all of you and expect you to have a high regard for the dignity of each other. We take all cases of disrespect and harassment seriously and we will do everything in our power to resolve to the best of our ability any issues which may arise.

Communication should be ongoing but relevant

Discussion about the production and entries is how we refine our product

  • Use the internal discussion tool to communicate with other Sound Designers and Co-Producers.
  • You can send a question to the contest holder if:
    • You feel like the design brief is missing some crucial bit of information.
    • You have some other relevant question in mind about the contest.
  • Please remember to be professional and respectful when communicating.

Respect the client's (contest holder's) privacy

  • If you have any questions for the contest holder, please use only the communication channels available on the production page. Do not use third party or external channels of communication.
  • Communication related to any of the productions on Audiodraft should be kept on Audiodraft. The Audiodraft Team is also happy to help you with additional information if needed.
  • You have to sign an NDA agreement before taking part in studio agency work. Do not disseminate, publish or discuss any of the details you are trusted with. If you have been selected as a winner and want to use the track as part of a show reel, always check with Audiodraft first. Depending on the reference rights agreed upon with the Production holder, this may or may not be possible. In order to avoid a costly personal legal case, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Have Fun Creating!