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To perfect our way of closing deals, we’ve made some tweaks on the Agency Studio platforms. Agency Studios are pro-accounts for our clients to access our top tier talent. We have made a few improvements on the Agency Studio productions to make sure we are providing efficient tools to pitch for the briefs we are lucky to receive from advertising agencies and production companies around the globe.
In sound designers’ and composers’ perspective, here’s what’s new:
1) Delivery Time
Now, Agency Studios have a clearer yet more dynamic way of posting a deadline. If the production needs more iteration after the delivery of the shortlist (right number of tracks delivered in the right time), a new delivery date will be announced. That means the composers on the shortlist have more time to perfect the production based on the customer’s feedback. This is also an opportunity for the composers that are not yet on the shortlist to submit a new entry according to the feedback on the shortlist and other entries.
2) Shortlisting
A client is looking for a certain number of tracks at a certain time. That’s why we use shortlisting – a way to prevent our customers from getting overwhelmed with the production results. With shortlisting we are able to handpick the best possible talent to pitch new tracks. Curated by co-producers with our Content Team, we then collect e.g. 5 track shortlist sourced through 20 tracks for the client to take a listen. We’ll make sure that each song submitted in the production will get feedback from the co-producers and the ones on the shortlist will be reviewed also by the customer.
3) 2-Level Communication (Internal & External)
To make both curating the shortlist and communicating with the customer as smooth as possible, we have created two different threads of communication inside Agency Studio productions:
  • Internal discussion is for sound designers, co-producers and the Audiodraft Content Team to chat about the brief. The client is not part of this discussion. Here you can share your thoughts and questions on the brief and have a conversation based on the comments co-producers have given to you.
  • A separate external Q & A is created for composers to post questions directly for the client. Some questions might be returned and answered by Audiodraft Team or co-producers. This is done to make the client’s feedback as fluent and efficient as possible.
We hope these three ways will help you, our community of experts, to create even greater audio for the briefs! We always love to hear from you so please keep the feedback coming.
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