In Reality It’s Simple: Publishing & Blanket Licenses

Publishing and licensing can be tricky due to the lack of transparency and simplicity. Despite these features they can be crucial to your business it’s understandable they might be something you’ve never really gotten a hold of. That’s why in this blog post we will go through the awesomeness behind Audiodraft Publishing and Audiodraft Blankets.
Our aim at Audiodraft is to bring custom sound and music available for every production no matter the budget or the schedule. It’s a big promise but this is actually possible through Audiodraft Blanket. With a fixed pricing you don’t need to think about the budget of a project or the cost of a single sound design. You can simply focus on choosing the high-quality soundtracks your projects deserve. With Audiodraft Blanket, the budget has already been figured out for you and you can source audio from us to all of the projects at your office with a fixed price.
We are able to provide such a remarkable service thanks to our two key components: the exclusive, perpetual licenses, and the durable customer relationships we build. We are the music supervisor at your service. You can use the song with a worldwide, cover-all-media, exclusive license for perpetuity, and no extra payments need to be made from your part. This means your licenses are perpetual even if your Audiodraft Blanket subscription would end. The Audiodraft Blanket productions are managed by Audiodraft Publishing (member of ASCAP), and Audiodraft and our composers gets compensated with royalties paid from e.g. the TV and radio channels’ blanket license fees to collection societies. We have a direct license in place for you to make sure you won’t get any notes from collection societies. You can read more about the direct license here.
The fixed pricing is another of our key features. With Audiodraft Blanket you won’t pay any extra for the use of our service or licensing the tracks. By using the subscription model you are not just making individual transactions but creating durability. This is fruitful not only for your company (getting high-quality sound fit for your budget) but also for the professional artists and sound designers using our platform. We guarantee you a 48-hour turnaround time so we can be helpful even if the schedule is tight. This intelligent and efficient matchmaking and discovery is possible thanks to our brilliant platform and the 25.000 unique tracks already gone through our service.
Finally, because we want to take extra good care of our professional community, we also make sure they get paid sufficiently. The artists and sound designers are able to set up their own compensation settings to help us find the right opportunities for them. This way everybody will be working on their own standards. Regarding the final productions, we do recommend our customers to mention both the artist name and also Audiodraft on the credits.
The world of custom audio is waiting, what do you sound like?


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