What are we hearing now? April 2019

Top 5 Audio Branding and Audio Marketing articles, April 2019

Many things are happening around music and voice right now. The interest in audio branding and audio marketing is surging and will keep escalating as the year goes by. The recent number of media attention on the subject has grown exponentially and we have gathered the most interesting ones for you to read in this month’s ‘What are we hearing now?’ edition.

Want To Break Through The Noise? Songsmith Your Brand  (entrepreneur.com)

We have been talking about “voice-first” era and screen free world for a while now. With the recent innovations in audio technology, we have noticed a growing demand for sound-based user experiences. This generates new opportunities and challenges for brands. Audio branding is a great way to make sure your company is recognized in these new marketing mediums.

Study shows the music soundtrack is crucial to the success of advertising (beat.com)

Younger generations place greater importance on music in marketing. If businesses want to attract Millennial markets, they need to focus on audio just as much as the visuals in their campaigns. This study surveyed 1,000 Australian consumers and showed that a high rate of 18-24-year-olds believe that they develop a better understanding of a company’s personality through music.

Neuroscience Proves That Adjacent Content Increases Ad Recall (pandoraforbrands.com)

Pandora partnered with Neuro-Insight, a global leader in neuroscience-based market research, to study if ads served alongside personalized, emotive content had greater resonance with the listener.

The study found that the quality of adjacent content is just as important as the quality of the ad itself.

How Powerful is Audio Branding? (medium.com/@lilianarodrigues)

This is a great post that dives into the impact of sound with great examples. Liliana Rodrigues explains why it is important to focus on audio in your branding and re-branding efforts. This is a worthwhile read.

Science says hip-hop makes cheese taste better (Fastcompany.com)

In our November ‘What are we hearing now?’ edition we talked about an experiment which is trying to determine which genre of music makes cheese taste the best.

After 6 months the results are now in an I am sure they make our CEO and rapper Teemu Yli-hollo delighted.

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