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March top audio branding articles
Last month it felt like audio branding was on everyone’s lips. Gary Vaynerchuck’s article was shared by every other marketer and Voices.com had a great article published in AdAge. This time, our monthly selection of articles takes a look at why audio branding deserves all the recognition.

5 Predictions For The Future Of Audio Marketing (CMO.com)

Sound has an uncanny ability to enhance brand performance and like Ogilvy said about the latest marketing trends: “For the first time, marketers will have no choice but to consider the audio characteristics of their brands.”

In our predictions for the future of audio published in CMO.com we take a look at why audio is important right now for brands!

Study Shows That Music Proves Increasingly Crucial In Marketing (Bandt.com)

“71% of under 35-year-olds claimed that businesses appear more professional if they use custom created music, rather than popular off-the-shelf music tracks.”

Younger generations place greater importance on music in marketing. If businesses want to attract Millennial markets, they need to focus on audio just as much as the visuals in their campaigns.

The Rise Of Audio Branding (Garyvaynerchuck.com)

We experience the world around us with multiple senses. The brand experience is no exception. Brand marketers have relied heavily on visual branding, even though sight is trumped by hearing and scent on many levels. This article by Gary gives great examples of why audio is a great branding tool.

If You’re Going To Focus On One Thing This Year, Make It Audio Branding (Adage.com)

One of the most important audio branding elements is your brand voice. David Ciccarelli, the CEO of Voices.com gives great insight into how voice can be used into your advantage in your branding efforts.

Yuri Suzuki: “Sounds are stronger than visuals” (Designweek.co.uk)

“Sound in branding leaves a strong impression and really sticks to your brain – it’s stronger than visuals even,” Suzuki says.

Audio branding shares the same purpose with visual branding. It aims to improve brand awareness, with sound as its weapon of choice. In fact, audio branding initiatives often go hand-in-hand with visual branding efforts, because visuals and audio should support one another to build a coherent brand strategy.

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